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[phage] (named after a beneficial virus that preys on harmful bacteria) will allow the user to experience his or her computer as a palimpsest of his or her own life rather than simply as a productivity or work tool. With its viral process, [phage] creates a feminist map of the machine.

[phage] is an attempt to creates a feminist map of the machine. Using a program modeled after a computer virus, I am creating a program that allows users to experience the computer in exceptional ways.

By mapping a user's unique experiences-through images, downloads, web sites visited, emails-it will create spatial memory maps that not only reflect the computer and technoculture in content, but the user's artifacts from his or her interactions.

Download [phage]. It will do no harm to your system.


Mary Flanagan is an experimental media maker, multimedia designer, and professor. Currently she is a professor of digital arts at the University at Buffalo (SUNY), where she teaches about gender and technology, cyberculture, interactive media, animation, and sound design. Recent creative work includes the interactive VRML environment [recovery], the internationally shown VRML performance [The Perpetual Bed], and most recently, the creative computer virus [phage] which creates a feminist map of the machine.