Shu Lea Cheang
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A series of imagery reflecting on travels and social structures in Australia. A dreamtime of the monitor.

Technical Requirements: None


Shu Lea Cheang, once a New York based media installation artist/filmmaker, is now living a digitalized version of a drifter.
Her video installations, structured to activate cross-cultural collaboration, include COLOR SCHEMES (1990, Whitney Museum, New York), The AIRWAVES PROJECT (1991, Capp Street Project, San Francisco), Those Fluttering Objects of Desire (1992, Exit Art, 1993, Whitney Museum Biennale Exhibition, New York). Her feature film FRESH KILL (80 minutes, 35mm), was premiered at Berlin International Film Festival (1994) and included in the Whitney Museum Biennale Exhibition (1995). Over the past few years, she has done installations that traverse actual and virtual spaces: Bowling Alley (1995, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis) net-links a local bowling lane with the Walker Art Center's gallery space and a cyber-bowl site (; Elephant Cage Butterfly Locker (1996, Atopic Site Exhibition, Tokyo, sponsored by Tokyo Government on Public Art), reverts radar detect on Okinawa's US military base.