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The Golden Virus
The Golden Virus & Other Web Site Stories cd-rom / internet [1999] the main story contains 8 off / on line screens: Aradin Eclipsovici meets The Golden Virus [un virus câlin which instead of causing digital damage, grants the user three wishes]. on screen # 3 open The Golden Virus Monthly Report [at] and send your wish to The Golden Virus Residence.

From the main story another 9 stories in html format are accessed off line: the characters of the reVoltaire archive witness various events having taken place in Arad along time [the relocation of the city, the emergence of certain enigmatic circles at the end of six hunters street, the total sun eclipse, the city’s seizure by French troops, Kafka’s visit etc.]. these characters, although inactive and apathetic, are once again successful in giving history a pataphysical perspective.

multimedia atelier // county_museum_arad_transylvania_romania // from 1995 on, members of the KINEMA IKON are engaged in making hypermedia works on cd-rom, exhibiting them at electronic art exhibitions . the general theoretical project was born concomitantly with the practice of the creative process, in three stages: experimental movie (1970-1989) video-art (1990-1994), now hypermedia, with the precision that individual projects lead to individual works with marked stylistic differences. beyond personal characteristics of the authors we emphasize two temptations peculiar to the group as a whole, that is: the LUDIC & the ECLECTIC, both as contents, & especially as a medium of expression, "temptations" which naturally emerge from each author's style, where the deliberate approach of a defense reaction & uninhibited attitude towards digital developments is to be added. it is in this ludic & eclectic style that the group is producing, by brainstorming, the annual magazine INTERMEDIA we acknowledge the fact that we pay very little attention to the dominant contemporary trend civic/social attitude; this is due, too, perhaps, to the difficulty of east-west communication, derived from imagologic cliches; hence the concept of SAFARIKON is born, viz., the hunt for irrelevant & tendentious images carried by Mass Media International Ltd. fighting these cliches from the telematic imagology perspective [discussion groups, MUDs, etc.] seems to us sheer utopia & this is why we stick to the field of experimental digital art, under the sign of interactivity, both on- & off- line.