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Scott Draves
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The GRID - GridBomb
Audiovisual electronic installation

The body is the device through which we interface with the technology, for instance by means of touch, sight and sound. It is through the ability for us to interact with our environments in an artistic way that the Grid allows the gallery patron to not only experience the sonic installation, but to partake in shaping and playing with the tactile sculpture. The Grid is Generative artwork. Generative art is the capacity to program a computer to 'generate,' in the sense of 'setting in motion,' its own drawing or sound. In the case of this work, it is the near invisible application of this technology that still depends on the presence of the individual to have the work generate its own unique response for each person's encounter with the Grid.

Patrick Lichty
Patrick Lichty is a conceptual media artist and cultural theorist. His works include a variety of media, including printmaking, kinetics, video, generative music, online technologies, and neon. Collaborations include work with and RTMark, and events include the New York Digital Salon, and Ars Electronica. As a scholar, he has been published widely in academic and cyberjournals such as CTHEORY, frAme, LEONARDO, and Sociological Spectrum. He speaks frequently at symposia and conferences concerning technology's impact on the emergent electronic media culture. His most recent work is a commissioned 'sculptural essay' for the Walker Art Center's Art Entertainment Network entitled "Grasping at Bits: Art and Intellectual Control in the Digital Age", which earned an Honorable Mention at Ars Electronica 2000.

Scott Draves