Keith Hunter
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In the future, body building will be controlled on two fronts, by digital surgeons and genetic surgeons. People will be able send 3-D, virtual images of themselves to Internet communities. Cyber bodybuilders will hire digital surgeons to sculpt online digital avatars-->perfect digitally enhanced bodies made to the specifications of the requester. Online, people will be who they’ve always wanted to be.

In the real world, true bodybuilders will join laboratories, not gyms. Competitors will organize into teams shaped by genetic surgeons. Each athlete will be like a fresh block of stone. Using genetics, the surgeon will carve each one into a different image based upon his expectations for future trends in popular online digital avatars. Competitions will be simulcast over the Internet to different digital communities world wide. The public will pick the winners with a click of the mouse. After each competition. The genetic surgeons will provide the public an opportunity to purchase digital copies of the winning contestants for use as personal avatars over the Internet. The geneticists will return their athletes to the lab to resculpt entirely new bodies for the next season.










Keith Hunter heads the Model Department at Rhythm & Hues Studios. His architectural background makes him a perfectionist when it comes to constructing computer graphic models of characters, buildings and objects. Keith holds a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture from The Ohio State University and a Master's Degree in Architecture from Harvard University. During his six years at the studio, he's supervised the model work on SPAWN, BATMAN & ROBIN, SPEED II, KAZAAM, WATERWORLD, HOCUS POCUS, Star Trek The Experience, and BABE, for which R&H received the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects in 1996. In addition, Keith helped create the models for the famous Coca Cola POLAR BEAR commercials and the award-winning "Sea Creatures" in SEAFARI, an MCA theme park ridefilm in Japan.