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I weave the patterns of brain structures, microchips, microsensors, bar codes and machine language. - W. Logan Fry

As a weaver, I have noticed striking similarities between the designs incorporated into traditional and ethnographic textiles, on the one hand, and contemporary technological design, on the other. Ancient, “primitive” and traditional cultures have often used the complexity afforded by strong design not merely for aesthetic purposes, but also to record complex information pertaining to such important matters as hunting lore, epic battles, genealogy, the spirit world and sacred rite.

The complicated patterns of microchips have a parallel purpose - to facilitate the recording and manipulation of information through complex, digital pathways; but the designs themselves are often remarkably similar to traditional, ethnographic design.

Born in 1944 in Columbus, Ohio,

Among the earlier artists to have work displayed on the internet, one of Logan’s weavings was included in the Third Annual Digital Salon in 1995. More recently, a painting is currently located in the website of GUILD.com.
Logan’s work has also been exhibited across the United States, Eastern Europe and The Netherlands. It is included in the collections of The Cleveland Museum of Art and The Renwick Gallery of The National Museum of American Art in Washington, D.C.