Jerry Domokur (USA)
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Blue Storm


In the Realm of Light

In the Heart of Stone

Improv in 25 Parts




Curator's Notes:

Jerry Domokur began to create art as part of the Art Students' League in the 50's, and was heavily influenced by movements such as Abstract Expressionism. However, for many years he has worked in many media from painting to inks, until he began experimenting with digital imaging in the late 1980's,

Domokur was fascinated with the quality of the image both from 2 and 3D imaging discpilines, and focused upon the craft of the digital print and the abstract image, hearkening back to his earlier roots. Recently, he is reconciling traditional methods of painting with the digital image by using thermal transfers of his images to canvas, and then reworking the pieces with paints and texturing media.

Jerry Domokur is a print artist living in Akron, Ohio, and is in the collections of many NE Ohio museums. After painting since the 1950's, he began to experiment with digital media in the late 1980's. His current work deals with his impressions of the world around him through the use of a mixed of traditional and digital media.