PDA and IA Art as Cultural Intervention

As technological forms of art such as web-based works gain acceptance at major cultural institutions, questions arise to the potential narrowing of technological works to the browser, and to the representational issues of technological art in general. Personal Digital Assistants and informational appliances like pagers, cell phones and connected organizers are creating a culture of distribution and nomadism, intimacy with our machines combined with the resultant 'precious-ness' of the information appliance, and a closer integration of technology of the body. The IA/PDA poses to create new cultural modes of representation as these technologies create their own communities and networks while not wholly relying on the Internet proper. What are the issues of expression and artistic representation (visual, aural, narrative, etc) that the emergence of wireless technologies creates? How does this technology affect our relationship with one another and with these new developments? (re)distributions will seek to address the shifts in cultural practice through showcasing works that utilize PDA OS, WAP or other wireless technologies to make visible critical issues (on micro- and macrocosmic levels) relating to the coming of the embedded self and the wireless Web.

Call for Works

Projects for consideration will focus on works created for PDAs, like the Pilot, Visor, and Pocket PC platforms, as well as pagers, cell phones, etc. and works for information appliances utilizing various protocols, such as WAP or Bluetooth. Works will be judged a number of criteria, including their critical engagement with the subject and/or audience and technical accessibility. Palmtop applications will be hosted at voyd.com, and the artist or their technical staff will administrate WAP/wireless installations, which will be accompanied by suitable links and curatorial pages.

In addition, documentation for completed events or works-in-progress will be accepted as expository works. If response is sufficient, a separate category will be created for this body of work.

The curatorial staff has access to Palm III only at the present time, so those submitting other works are responsible for documenting the work in a way that is accessible (preferably HTML).

Call for Essays & Texts:
In conjunction with the exhibition, critical essays are invited for submission for inclusion in the discussion of the online exhibition. The archives will be posted on the site, and proceedings of the works will be electronically published as well.

MS Word or compatible format, 2500 words max. or multimedia hypertext.
Abstracts (250 words), text only.

June 15-October 15. 2001
Anyone wishing to submit works that utilize PDA's, Information Appliances, and nomadic devices are welcome to contact me for inclusion in the exhibiton. The application process will be different from typical exhibitions, as this is no typical exhibition. The opening deadline for works will be June 15th, and the selection criteria will more inclusive in the beginning.

Pieces and texts will also be considered until two weeks before of the 'end' of active phase of the online exhibition, which is 10/15/2001. However, as time passes, judging criteria will be tightened until the end of the active phase, at which time a catalogue and physical arrangements will be finalized.

Notification of acceptance:
June 15- October 15

Contact/submission information:
Patrick Lichty
Curator, (re)distributions
C/O 355 Seyburn Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70808