(re)distributions is an exhibit exploring the expressive potential of Handheld Computing (PDAs), Information Appliances like Pagers and Cellular Phones, as well as Nomadic technologices like Empedded Processing and Distributed Systems.
Chiaki W. Darcy
MetaSonic for PocketPC (website link)

"metaSonic" is a series of ambient audio and visual patterns contained within a vectorbased digital medium for PDA.

The patterns/images are loaded with vivid candy colored geometric shapes that continuously cycle inducing a transient experience for the viewer. The animations are interactive. Each individual grid link to another image which in turn (when clicked) changes as a whole and creates various kaleidoscope effects. Metagriz keeps morphing endlessly and by clicking through the grids the user explores it's "mandara painting" like compositions. Metagriz represents an abstraction of "grids" that make up our lives, be it window panes or tiny pixels on your computer screen. It also represents a study of the part and the whole, the static and the movement, and the ever changing cycles of their transformations that gives the sensation of creation.

The animation creates a hypnotic meditative environment for PDA.

Chiaki Watanabe-Darcy is a New York based digital artist/designer.
She explores a range of new digital tools through web works, interactive
animation, and interface design and motion graphics. Her background is in
various medium such as theater design, installation, film/video,
photography, costume design, sculpture and painting.
Since she found infinity possibilities in digital media, her work focuses on
visual expression using multimedia tools as paint brushes, glues and
canvases. Finding new possibilities of art and design in new technologies
is always pleasure. Born in Tokyo, studied Musashino art University in
scenic art and design. Hold BFA in computer art from The School of Visual
Download MetaSonic here. PC (zip)
You will need the Flash Player for Pocket PC.
Find it in TOOLS.
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