(re)distributions is an exhibit exploring the expressive potential of Handheld Computing (PDAs), Information Appliances like Pagers and Cellular Phones, as well as Nomadic technologices like Empedded Processing and Distributed Systems.
Debra Hampton
from the edge (website link)

From the Edge is an installation for PDA that focuses on the various capabilities of palmtop devices such as infrared communication, wireless networking and its intimate space.

The project consists of a series fo Flash-based animations inspired by the art of origami and the concept of transformation or change. the animations begin as a piece of paper quickly transformed to recognizeable objects such as birds or butterflies.

The animations can be recieved by anyone using a Palm OS-based PDA by placing the device next to the installation. the display runs a continual beam search, and when a device is detected, the animations are sent via the IR port. The animations can then be downloaded and executed by the recieving unit.

Debra Hampton is a visual artist and designer working in New York City. Using her experience as a web developer, designer, and consultant for and wireless software, she draws her inspiration from the online environment.

She recently completed a two-year residency at A.I.R. Gallery where she had a one-person exhibition. The installation consisted of a maze of plastic walls etched with mutated programming code referencing the exploitive and vacuous state of dot com fever. Debra also co-organized E.mergence at A.I.R. Gallery, a series of exhibitions and forums for women working in digital and new media.

Currently, Debra is developing animations that run on devices using the Palm Operating System. The animations are self-contained programs and can be beamed to other devices but they are optimized for public installation. A constant beam, developed with a fellow programmer, sends the animation continually to devices nearby.

Requires Palm OS PDA

Download from the edge #1 here, and #2 here.
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