The world technological art community came to the aid of their prominent colleague despite soliciting minimal support. Within days, proponents like the Electronic Disturbance Theatre, Rhizome, and ŪTmark. Numerous sites sprang up along the lines of and various electronic sit-ins were arranged, which even caused a CNN-televised visit to by the FBI to resolve concerns about the EDT's FloodNet alleged denial of service actions against Etoys. News traveled quickly through the Internet and via media events like the MoMA press conference sponsored by ŪTmark, assuring coverage throughout the world's media infrastructure. The etoy.TOYWAR had become a hot cultural topic, and Etoys was being labeled as "the bad guys". Furthermore, stemming from the shutdown of the domain name, etoy set up to continue their efforts without breaking strict legal sanctions. As a result, possibly in part from the populist actions and partially from the entry of toy giants such as Toys'R Us and the passage of the Christmas season, Etoys' stock value dropped sharply. Etoys Nov. 29 high of $67/share had fallen to a January 2000 low of nineteen dollars per share [26]. Shortly thereafter, Etoys dropped its lawsuit against etoy, but at the time of the first publication of this essay in February 2000, etoy has not yet re-established their rights to the domain name of use of any email access whatsoever. From this, etoy has continued to capitalize upon the TOYWAR concept through [27], and has recently secured exhibitions of installations based around the continuing legal conflict.

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